UNYFY - The home of all my training for The Olympics... On and off the track

2023-05-07 2:18 by Viktor

Excited to announce that I will be teaming up with the innovative platform UNYFY to share a lot more exclusive content with all of you! I will from now on be sharing all my best training tips, my training plans, newsletters, behind the scenes footage, vlogs, live dryland workouts and podcasts on topics YOU can choose, as well as individual technical video analysis! It's all going to happen on my profile on the UNYFY platform, so hop over there on the link in my bio and create your profile! :) My goal with this is to have much more user engagement and a closer connection with all of you, so you can have a direct say in what I should share and I can help you to skate faster and smarter and hopefully inspire you a bit along the way.

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Sounds exciting! Good look for the project, I'll follow along curiously 😉

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Yay! You have seen it all